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Lawn Aeration


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Icon Lawn Maintenance suggests that all lawns be aerated one to two times per year. Aeration helps to break up the soil to allow water and nutrients to reach grass roots for a healthier lawn. Icon Lawn Maintenance is proud to offer two types of aeration:

Core Aeration 
Icon Lawn Maintenance performs Core Aeration to allow nutrients and water to enter the soil and feed the grass roots. Core Aeration can be ordered as a lone service, part of a yearly agreement or as part of our fall yard special.

Icon Lawn Maintenance is proud to offer Aera-Vation as an aeration option. Aera-vation not only places holes in the soil but it also vibrates causing soil to become very loose and receptive to water and nutrients. Advantages of Aera-vation versus Core Aeration are:  

1. Better soil penetration
2. More soil per square foot is aerated
3. Sod safe
4. Promotes Bermuda spread and growth
5. The harder the soil, the better the Aera-Vator works

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