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Advanced Lawn Support - Lawn Maintenance
Icon Lawn Maintenance Advanced Lawn Support or ALS package can include all the above in contractual form or can be requested individually. A typical ALS package includes the BLS services with Aeration, Fertilization, Weed Control, Soil Testing, Seeding and Soil Testing. The ALS package provides the biggest savings on service on a yearly agreement.
  1. Aeration
  2. Soil Testing
    Icon Lawn Maintenance knows that correct soil Ph is imperative to a healthy lawn. From day one Icon Lawn Maintenance requests to pull a soil sample to correct any Ph and nutrient deficiencies if any. Depending on results will determine course of action and how many times we will pull a sample in the future.
  3. Fertilization
    Icon Lawn Maintenance utilizes top quality fertilizers in both traditional granular form and organic granular form. Icon Lawn Maintenance can keep your grass healthy and well fertilized year round.
  4. Ph Correction
    Icon Lawn Maintenance utilizes several different types of pelletized lime to help with soil Ph correction. If the Ph in your soil is too low, grass does not thrive and weeds tend to be more prevalent.
  5. Weed Control
    Icon Lawn Maintenance starts weed control before they even sprout with applications of fertilizers that block weed germination. However should weeds such as henbit, chickweed, crab grass, goose grass, dandelions, clover or any other weed come up, Icon Lawn Maintenance can take care of the weeds. Icon Lawn Maintenance is Licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture for Ornamental chemical applications.
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