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Landscaping in the Greater Charlotte Metro Area
We provide lawn maintenance & landscaping services in the city of Charlotte & surrounding areas. These areas include Monroe, Indian Trail, Stallings, and Wesley Chapel.
  1. Pine Needles Icon Lawn Maintenance can apply pine needles once or twice a year depending on customer preference. Icon Lawn Maintenance uses long leaf pine needles from local farms. From purchase to placement, you will not be disappointed. Icon Lawn Maintenance will also deliver orders of 50 bales or more for the "do it yourself" property owner.
  2. Mulching Icon Lawn Maintenance can deliver and install a variety of mulches to match customer taste and request. Samples are kept on hand for easy selection.
  3. Small tree and plant installation and transplantation Icon Lawn Maintenance can purchase and install small trees and plants to customer taste. If plants are not where you desire, Icon Lawn Maintenance care move them or remove them.
  4. Annual Installation Icon Lawn Maintenance can beautify your “ordinary” landscape with some seasonal annuals. Add some color to your property today.
  5. Bed Edging Icon Lawn Maintenance can create a distinctive border for your landscape with a bed edger. An edged landscape bed gives a clean defined line to the landscape and a sod like appearance to the lawn.
  6. Pruning Icon Lawn Maintenance not only can take care of your lawn but your existing plants and shrubs as well. Well pruned trees and shrubs further enhance aesthetic appeal to your property.
  7. Larger projects Icon Lawn Maintenance knows its limitations and is supported by a network of renowned landscape contractors, irrigation specialists, and arborists. Let Icon Lawn Maintenance perform the leg work, and get your project done. Whether your request is large installation of landscape, sod, or irrigation, we have a very capable group of contractors that perform as well as we do.
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